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Allow Your customers to write virtually anything from pointing out faulty information to producing new product descriptions.

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monthly texts


User Generated Content at its finest. Your customers, Your products & the freedom to use the photos.

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monthly photos


Hyper relevant reviews. No more low ratings due to other vendors poor service. Your customers, Your products & Your reviews.

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monthly reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free test account work?
You are allowed to test out Flipside® for free for as long as you like. Our only requirements is that you work actively on your account and you are not using Flipside® in production. By default all new accounts expire after 7 days. You can always extend that by writing to our support team.

How does the Return On Investment guarantee work?
We know that Flipside® works – Thats why we are willing to give you a guaranteed 10x ROI. If we haven’t achieved that after one year of using Flipside® correctly we will refund you the amount needed to achieve a 10x ROI. You qualify by writing our support team and have them confirm that you use Flipside® correctly. When they confirm that you are qualified from that date forward and as long as you don’t do any major changes to your Flipside® setup – if you do that you need to get qualified again. Thats it, simple as it should be.

How can I know if Flipside® is performing?

From day one, you will have access to our dashboard, which drills down not only how much is sold through Flipside, but also how we affect your key KPIs, such as number of Heroes and contributions.

Before you start we can give you a full demo of how Flipside® will perform on your audience. 

Can I run multiple stores? Yes. Your plan is based on the combined usage on all of your sites. We don’t charge you for having additional sites. Actually, it’s beneficial, since you get a lower unit cost price.

Can i use my own design?
Yes. Results from Flipside® can be styled just the way you like and integrated in any way you like. When rendered they are just as much a part of your site as any other element.

Can i get a development environment?
Yes. In fact, many of our clients do that. You can simply use a store as a development environment. That way you can test anything before releasing it to your live store.

What if I go over my plan limits? If you exceed your current usage limit, you will receive a polite email from us asking you to upgrade. That’s it. Your shop will continue to function as usual, you will still be able to access your account and all your data will still be available to you.

Do i need to pay extra for premium support?
No! All plans come with full 5-star support! You can contact us by chat, email, phone within support hours which is Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 CET. We’ll pick up the phone when you call and answer email or chat right away.

Where can I review the terms of service? You can read the complete Terms of Service here.