Flipside is an all in one configurable Software as a Service that works seamless with inRiver PIM and allows You to harness the power of Your community in Your enrichment process.

  • Enroll Heroes (the people in your crowd with skills that are willing to aid)

  • Tools for Hero-contributions

  • Contibutions Que (information regarding both published and unpublished products)

  • Monitoring, evaluation & automation

  • Administration

Why Flipside

Traditional ways to create content
often fail and are expensive


Eg. Weird or faulty translations due to translation agencies with employees that does not have any interest in your niche products.


Eg. Reviews that are automatically collected from various sources can end up pointing to a different product with the same product number or other similarities.


Eg. Stock images of products that does not exactly match the models you are selling.


Eg. Unboxings & Reviews can show the wrong content as producers’ package and adapt products to various markets.

The Idéa

The Crowd is using your products, knows languages and has compelling stories – Why not engage them?