Flipside Interface
Automation with a heart

Customer engagement Built for E-Commerce

Empower your visitors with tools, allowing them to improve your data; suggesting images, error correction, translations, and more.

  • Valuable,
  • Engaging,
  • Secure.
5 star money back warranty
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Customer Engagement

World Class Customer Engagement, Made Easy

Flipside® turns customers into Heroes by allowing them to use their abilities in helping You with value creating activities. Get hyper relevant User Generated Content, improve data quality and personalization and allow the customers to be part of Your brand.

  • Your products,
  • Your heroes,
  • Your Information.


Allow audience to upload their pictures directly to your relevant products & services.


Get Your audience trust by offering them to review products & services.

Text Information

Get Your audience feedback on Your information directly relevant to products & services.

Crowdsourced Product Information Management

Engage Your audience in data cleansing / User Generated Content while lowering support, increasing sales & customer loyalty.

Hero Relationship Management System

Keep track of Your Heroes. Configurable and dynamic measurement of frequency & quality.

Turn visitors into Heroes

Allow Your audience to be part of Your brand. Allowing visitors with abilities to help You out with specific tasks.


Easy integrations with any PIM or CRM system.


Best of breed implementation- and system partners.

Contribution Que

A managed and secure way of receiving contributions from Heroes.


Built to Grow Your business, Guaranteed

Flipside® empowers your audience with simple tools that allows heroes to give hyper relevant feedback and content with huge impact on your business.

Lower support with 30-40%, increase sales with 15%, improve customer loyalty with 15%.

Reduced Support

Increased Engagement

Increased Customer Loyalty

Customer Lifetime Value


Hero Tools
Hero Tools

Compelling tools that empower Your visitors, turning them into Heroes in product information

Flipside® Tools are a safe and compelling way to engage and empower your customers at Your website in order to improve product data by allowing Heroes to contribute with Hyper Relevant User Generated Content.

  • Tools are individually configured, managed and published through Your Flipside®-account.
  • All contributions created with Flipside® Tools arrive in Flipside® Contribution Que for validation, selection & curation before export to publication.
  • New tools are lined up for future release allowing You to gain even more from Your Heroes.
Contribution Que Interface
Contribution Que

At the heart of Flipside® You find the all the contributions created by Your Heroes awaiting publication

Flipside® Contribution Que is Your inbox for Hero contributions (Hyper Relevant User Generated Content).

  • All contributions have direct reference to each product. You find opinions, improvements or added value to Your product data at Your fingertips saving countless hours of data cleansing, composing, research & planning.
  • Contributions are automatically arranged according to Your websites categories. Quick identification or solving faulty data – eliminating need for support or abandoned shopping carts.
  • Select and curate contributions in a safe environment before publication.
Diagram of flipsides performance versus industry standard

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value & Loyalty

Implementing Flipside® consistently creates hyper relevant feedback & content while engaging the customers ensuring maximum impact across different lifecycle stages.

  • Product Information
    Your audience knows your products and can share their experiences with you at no or low cost. The content (photo, text or review) is autentic and unique.
  • Advertising
    Flipside® allows your customers to produce Hyper Relevant User Generated Content and spend less time curating UGC.
  • Sales, Support / Returns
    The hyper relevant feedback by your customers mitigate badwill, support tickets and returns.
  • Retention
    By allowing customers to be part of your brand you build stronger relationships and run a more effective business.